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When you contact Eco Three for an energy audit, we will gather some initial information, request your utility bills for the past year (if you have them), and schedule a convenient time for your home evaluation.

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Testimonials help explain our process and convey the individual experiences from our satisfied clients.

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This is just a note of thanks for your company’s hard work on the attic improvement project. The removal of the old blown-in insulation and the improvements afterward were done in a timely fashion and to the specs we discussed. The crew was polite, punctual and efficient. They protected our floors and cleaned up what little mess was left at the end of their two days with us…The resulting improvement of our home’s HVAC situation is remarkable. Even though we had just finished the installation of Hardie board exterior siding and new casement-style windows, before your company improved the attic insulation, our home’s inside temperature varied from floor-to-floor and room-to-room. Improving the blown in insulation to value R-60, combined with the other upgrades (wall-ceiling foam, ceiling fixture caulking and ductwork sealing) really made a difference. I was most impressed with the pressure test performed on each duct outlet that affirmed the integrity of the new seals. The overall result is that both levels of our home now maintain an even temperature throughout.

Eric O.Irondale, AL (December, 2016)

It was a pleasure to work with Eco Three.  Jonathan, Elizabeth and all of their crew were professional and efficient from start to finish.  They treated our family and home with the care that they would their very own. We have a small, cottage style home built in the 1940s. It was drafty in the winter and hot in the summer.  Eco Three was able to come and evaluate our home and tell us exactly what improvements would help its comfort and efficiency in the immediate future.   The team was able to complete all of the improvements in one day.  The day they were scheduled to work it was pouring rain, but they they kept our home dry and clean while they were working.  They even did a few small “extra” improvements to our ductwork without charging extra for it! We noticed the difference in the comfort of our home the very next day! We are already seeing savings in our electric and gas bills each month.  Our only regret – we wish we had called them sooner! They certainly helped us ‘feel the difference.'

Liz and Paul L.Homewood, AL (May, 2015)

Jonathan at Eco Three was very professional and responsive to both my calls and emails. He came and ran the blower test on my log home to determine which areas were in need of sealant and walked me through each room so I could see for myself. Jason, Donnie and Mark came on three different occasions to perform the necessary work. They were always punctual, very polite and professional. They did a fantastic job and I would recommend them without hesitation.

Cady H.Warrior, AL (July, 2014)

After our audit and efficiency upgrades, our first power bill was already 25% less than the same bill last year. The audit showed we were exchanging twice as much air in the house than we should be due to a lack of an effective thermal barrier. Once the work was complete, the house immediately felt more comfortable. They effectively removed the workload of a 2 ton air conditioner! The team who did the work was professional, explained each upgrade and why it was important and the results have equaled dollars off our utilities! I can’t recommend these guys enough.

Chris H.Hoover, AL (August, 2013)

We had the folks at Eco Three come out to do an energy audit and make a few improvements to our house. Our daughter’s nursery was a good 10 degrees warmer in the summer and colder in the winter. They did everything in two and a half days. I’ve seen a huge difference in our energy bill and to the temperature in our house. I cannot recommend these guys enough.

Jessica M.Crestwood North, AL (September, 2016)

Our 1940 English Tudor style home was very drafty and cold when we purchased it so we hired Eco Three to air-seal and insulate the attic. Our gas bill saw an immediate decrease and the overall comfort of our home increased dramatically…The guys at Eco Three were very polite, knowledgeable and professional.

David B.South Avondale, AL (April, 2015)

My bill for July is half what it was last year. I am seeing an average of 30% a month on savings. Thanks for your help!

Jordan T.Vestavia, AL (December, 2012)

My wife and I could not be more pleased with the work performed by Eco Three. Jonathan and his crew were professional, courteous, and punctual through every step of the project, and we have noticed an immediate impact in the performance of our home’s cooling system. Before the project, our basement stayed considerably cooler than the rest of our home due to conditioned air escaping through the leaks in our duct work. The basement’s average temperature has risen three to four degrees since completing the project because the conditioned air is now being correctly channeled to the main level of our home.

Lyle R.Liberty Park, AL (September, 2013)

I couldn’t be more pleased with Eco Three…I was spending a fortune “trying” to heat my house only to have it stay freezing cold; spending money for heat is one thing but spending it to never get warm is another. Gone are the days of me wearing layers of clothing indoors. My house easily stays at a consistent temperature and rarely with the heat even kicking on. If I do need to bump up the heat it quickly reaches the desired temperature, it then goes off and the temperature remains constant for long periods of time. The upstairs area and attic space now are the exact same temperature as throughout the main floor. I highly recommend Jonathon and his team, they were courteous and professional and know just what needs to be done to fix your issue.

Susan G.Springville, AL (December, 2014)

Our Mtn. Brook home is more comfortable and our utility bills are lower since Eco Three upgraded our insulation and sealed many air leaks.  They were professional, dependable, and very good at what they do.

Brent P.Mountain Brook, AL (August, 2016)

Elizabeth was very courteous and very detailed in explaining all items in the assessment of issues around the home that could help it be more efficient and comfortable. I really like the formal report and price quotes that were provided with the service. Also, I was very pleased with the fact that I never felt like they were trying to push their service or products. They were prompt with response and on time for both meetings. Very professional and helpful people!

Ryan B.Birmingham, AL (March, 2016)

I wish I had known about Eco Three sooner! Having them properly insulate the top floor and attic of my 37 year old home has made a huge difference in the comfort of my home and my utility bill. My heating unit is running less time and not as frequently! I know their work will make a huge difference when summer gets here! The team was polite, punctual and professional. They are absolutely committed to what they do and adamant that you are happy with the results. I recommend Eco Three 100%. I could not be more pleased. From start to finish I highly recommend this amazing company.

Ceil S.Vestavia, AL (February, 2017)

My July power bill was down by 25% as compared to July last year!! And, on top of that, I have the thermostat set a degree or 2 cooler than past summer’s.

Katherine K.Crestline Park, AL (October, 2013)

I can tell a HUGE difference in the way our house is holding the heat in! Our bedroom is actually warm when I wake up. It used to be cold in there in the mornings. It’s nice not to freeze when you get out of bed first thing! Also, the house is staying warm when set at 67-68. I used to have to turn it up to 70 to get it warm. Thanks for your hard work! It has paid off, and I really appreciate it.

Mims I.Homewood, AL (January, 2014)

This company is top notch! David, the Lead Energy Evaluator, was thorough in his assessment of our needs. He not only explained the issues but showed us the issues using advanced technology. He communicated with us as needed. All work was completed on time. Jason, the crew leader, was professional, courteous and respectful of our home and space. Jason went above and beyond our expectations. He and his crew not only did excellent work, but also Jason “uncovered” a problem unrelated to the scope of our project but he said he would do some research to find out the best solution. Now that is excellent customer service. He even said he would come back out once this problem was fixed to make sure the insulation was proper in this small space. Both Jason and David are very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions in terms that we understood. I recommend this company.

DeWight C.Southlake, AL (March, 2017)

I was extremely satisfied. First the evaluation was very good. Next, they were punctual showing up for the work. They re-connected all of the duct work and it turned out that more was disconnected than they thought. They also reinforced the seams and connections with some cement-like paste. They caulked around the openings of the ducts to keep air from going into the wall, or anywhere besides out of the ducts. They sealed around some recessed lights and improved the moisture barrier in my crawl space underneath the house. They installed weather stripping around the door and even adjusted my door so that it closed better. They also sprayed insulation into my attic after sealing around the recessed lights. They did more than what they thought they were going to have to do, but didn’t charge me anymore and were able to do it all in one day, like they had planned. My house feels warmer and more consistent. I’m very satisfied.

JonathanCrestwood, AL (February, 2014)

My house was hard to keep comfortable in the winter so we had Eco Three come out to evaluate it.  After they came to review our report and recommendations with us, we decided to have them perform the upgrades. We noticed an immediate improvement in the comfort of the home, and our bills went down as well – direct results of the upgrades.  We sold the home “for sale by owner” over the summer and feel that it definitely helped with us selling in under three weeks.  I would recommend Eco Three to anyone looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade their home’s efficiency and comfort.

Greg R.Mountain Brook, AL (October, 2015)

Our 1957 ranch home had high levels of moisture in the basement air, and it was unable to sustain desired temps on the main level of the house. We asked Eco Three to give us their assessment and ultimately perform their full array of services on our home in the fall of 2015. The results have been purely positive. Previously, we were emptying the basement dehumidifier 2-3x/day. Since the work has been completed, we now only have to empty it once every 2-3 days. Upstairs, we are now able to sustain comfortable temperatures for longer periods of time without our heating systems cutting back on, so it is refreshing to see our utility bills on the decline! The owner, Jonathan Handey, is a person of very high standards and character and he expects his employees to display the same traits. We felt very comfortable with each person that entered our house. Everyone was courteous and respectful of our property…and most of all, trustworthy. They took care of each detail all the way to a very complete final clean up. I would highly recommend Eco Three to anyone with a desire to make their home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Tucker C.Vestavia Hills, AL (November, 2015)

…our power bill was $194 last month which is the first time since we’ve owned the home that it’s been under $200. It was over $300 the prior month (before upgrades) and in the high $200s for the same period one year ago. It’s on track to be around $150 this month which would be about $100 less than the same period one year ago. Needless to say, I am thrilled with the results. I was honestly thinking that if we could squeeze $40 to $50 savings per month I’d be VERY happy so to see it’s looking like it could be $80, $90, or even $100 in savings per month is just astonishing. So kudos to you and Eco Three.

Elizabeth R.Cahaba Heights, AL (October, 2013)

I have worked on environmental and energy issues for my entire professional career and cannot more strongly recommend Eco Three – professional, dedicated and absolutely committed to what they do for all the right reasons. The initial testing, which was fascinating to watch, revealed that the energy waste in our home was far worse than we had expected or knew. Eco Three provided a near complete set of solutions and very hard working team to make the improvements. At the time they did their work, we had other contractors in the home who were amazed as we were at how thorough and dedicated the Eco Three team was. We saw an immediate financial and comfort effect from the work. Eco Three is great company doing good things for people and the environment — Birmingham and Alabama is fortunate to have them.

Karl M.Cahaba Heights, AL (June, 2016)

Elizabeth and the Eco Three installation team did a great job from start to finish. Since having the upgrades done, our home feels more comfortable and less drafty – especially in our bathroom where Eco Three found openings that needed to be sealed. Our heating system is running for less time and less frequently, so I know the home is operating more efficiently.

Tracy P.Oneonta, AL (February, 2016)

We got Eco Three to air seal and insulate the attic. A lot of companies do not air seal attics before adding insulation, which is a critical mistake. Eco Three is very knowledgeable about energy efficient improvements and doing quality work. Everything went well, and I am excited about not only saving money but increasing the comfort of the home.

Malachi R.Huffman, AL (February, 2014)

Recently Eco Three did a thorough evaluation of our house, testing for energy leaks and even analyzing our power and gas usage. Based on the test results and expected payback, we had them do a complete upgrade to correct problems found.  Their crew was punctual, courteous, neat and thorough, with attention to detail.  They tested again upon completion of the upgrade to be sure they corrected everything promised.  We would definitely recommend them – very positive experience.

Clayton and Carol R.Crestwood, AL (December, 2015)

They came and inspected my entire heating and cooling system and did a blower door test to find all the leaks in my house and made repairs to seal all leaks. They also sealed all leaks around my windows and duct system. After all work was completed they again did a blower door test to confirm that all leaks were repaired. Their men worked under my house in tight quarters and under wet conditions since we had a lot of rain prior to them doing this work. Their crew was very knowledgeable about how to make repairs that would stand up with time. They also conformed to state laws in all their work. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help with their heating and cooling bills. I am sure they have saved me money going forward with my Alabama Power bills.

Steve R.Pell City, AL (June, 2014)

Our house is 65 degrees (the outdoor temperature is 44 degrees), and we had the heat off all night. We feel like that is pretty strong heat holding. Nice work!

Griff I.Homewood, AL (February, 2014)

From the first interaction with Eco Three, they were nothing but professional. The inspector listened, encouraged us to walk around with him, and ask questions. In essence, the company is bringing the home up to current building codes in terms of insulation. The recommended improvements were designed to prevent air from escaping the home through better insulating it. The representative returned to our home another day to bring the report, go through it, and see if we had any questions. Most important, there were no “hard sale” or pressure tactics used! We opted to proceed with the work due to high heating & cooling bills and due to the time we anticipate living in our home. Workers showed up to do the job and were professional and respectful of wife and kids at home. Overall, we were pleased with the work and believe our home to now be far better insulated than before. All company representatives were professional and courteous. If you’re seeking a company to do this work, you can expect professionalism and courtesy from these guys.

Jeff V.Indian Springs, AL (March, 2014)

They first came and made a home inspection using a big fan to basically suck all the cold air they could through any leaks in my house and then used a heat sensor to look for cold air leaks. Then they made a plan based on what they found and felt that I needed, and I feel that the price was very reasonable. My house now is much more efficient and my energy bills, both heating and cooling, have been lower. My house also feels less drafty and there aren’t “cold” or “hot” spots in rooms, or even rooms altogether. I’m very satisfied and would recommend them to anyone looking for energy efficiency services.

Jonathan L.Crestwood North, AL (April, 2015)

We are extremely happy with the work that Eco Three completed in our home. Every employee that we met was friendly, informative and professional. We have already noticed a difference in the comfort of our home and would highly recommend Eco Three to our friends, family and anyone else who is looking to make their home more energy efficient and comfortable.

Mallory M.Helena, AL (January, 2017)

Jonathan and David spent 2.5 hours performing the evaluation and Jonathan generated a detailed report delineating their findings that he reviewed with me a few days later. He thoroughly explained the results in the report, that included photos of temperature variations in the walls, ceilings, and ducts…There was absolutely no pressure to purchase/perform any further services… I was extremely impressed with Jonathan’s professionalism and knowledge… I had many questions about houses and insulation and I received clear answers, with reference to current building codes in my jurisdiction. Jonathan and his crew arrived on time (or slightly early) for the appointments and Jonathan was very responsive to communication via phone or email… The work took place over two days and the crew cleaned up after the work and even repaired the ill-fitting access hatch to the attic… The first thing I noticed upon coming into my house was how quiet it is now! There are no drafts, even as cold as it’s been this week (in the teens and 20s at night)… I highly recommend Jonathan and the Eco Three team!

Melissa C.Homewood, AL (February, 2015)

We used Eco Three, and definitely yes, we would use them again. They did the energy audit, made recommendations to fit our budget, blew in foam insulation, sealed our duct work, removed the old wool insulation, cleaned up after, and came back after the completion to do a follow up audit.  I’ve dealt with all kinds of businesses. I’ve never dealt with anyone more professional, kind and friendly. They can turn your home into an igloo or make recommendations that you can do yourself that offer the most return on your investment. I highly suggest anyone interested in energy conservation contact them, regardless the age of your home. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor and increase the value and comfort of your home.

Dewayne D.Crestwood North, AL (September, 2016)

My wife and I had our house audited and upgraded in the spring to prepare for another hot summer. My wife is due in September, so comfort was as big a motivator as savings. Eco Three made the process enjoyable, easy to understand, and extremely painless. Within a week of the audit, our upgrade was complete and we could immediately feel a difference. Last year it was a struggle to keep the temperature below 78, but after our upgrade I could keep it on 65 if I wanted. My first three months energy bills were over 30% lower than the previous year. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

Whitt I.Homewood, AL (May, 2013)

Eco Three was a very efficient, effective, and client centered operation. Our house feels better, our power bill is already down, and it did not cost an arm or a leg. I have already recommended Eco Three to multiple people.

Troxell P.Avondale, AL (July, 2016)

After an initial audit showing deficiencies, which we expected, we hired Eco Three to undertake a series of suggested steps, from installing attic insulation to caulking around windows and fireplaces, to even insulating the water heater.  The crew was here for almost two days, and they were professional and punctual.  They also knew what they were doing, including coming up with a solution with a tricky insulation issue in one of our bedrooms.  We knew up front what it would cost, as we were provided a detailed estimate of costs for every recommendation.  No surprises there, which was appreciated.  We were very pleased with Eco Three.

Joyce V.Forest Park, AL (August, 2015)

We are very pleased with the personal, friendly, and professional work of Eco Three personnel. The Spring upgrade was completed on time with a minimum of disruption to our daily activities. Pre and post installation testing indicated a 30% improvement of air loss in our ductwork. The additional insulation and infiltration sealing in the attic knee walls and over the upstairs ceiling have noticeably improved heat gain. Eco Three helped facilitate a low interest three year loan. With the energy tax credit and savings on our electricity and natural gas expenses we expect a payback period of five years.

Tom B.Crestline, AL (May, 2016)

Eco Three was extremely professional in their approach to doing an energy evaluation on my Homewood house. I was surprised by the amount of updates that they were able to do to help me save money for such a reasonable price. I would recommend Eco Three to anyone considering making their house more energy efficient.

Wesley R.Homewood, AL (April, 2013)

Jonathan showed up both pre-event dates exactly on time. He was very professional, but also very approachable and honest and showed real dedication to his company. He has delivered every promise on time. His crew arrived when scheduled and on time…The crew was very pleasant and courteous and took pride in their work. They were very vigilant about cleaning up, even sweeping the den on the last day! The manager of the team showed me the stats on their final work (i.e. air pressure), and it was spot-on. This is a highly professional and knowledgeable team, and I highly recommend them.

Janice E.Hoover, AL (October, 2014)

Our power bill dropped from $313 in July to less than $200 in August. That is a big change in one month. The home is much more comfortable as well. We are very pleased with the work done by Eco Three.

Anthony C.Sterrett, AL (October, 2016)

Eco Three took my old 1930s home and brought it into the new century in terms of energy efficiency, and boy, I can tell the difference.

Bryan W.East Avondale, AL (March, 2016)
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